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乱れ Ô_Ô Dirty Perverted Cornflakes

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乱れ Timothy [censored for security]
6 November 1982
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Hey, My name is Timothy, usually called Tim... or sometimes Timmy, but please refrain. Also called Midare (乱れ) for the character my journal is named after or "Oshima" after my main WoW character. That last one is rare. I'm housed at Midare.com . I'm code illiterate... but I'm quite adept at setting booby traps and tracking people... yes, useful skills in today's modern age.

My koibito, sojuku has moved away from California and her crazy mother.

To unwind I watch movies occasionally... really rarely. I play PS2 games, I notice most of the ones I get are samurai or ninja games. Go figure. I also read when I have the time, but I tend to read a book really fast then be disappointed that it is over. I avoid television since it sucked me in for years of my childhood and i think those years were nigh but wasted.

I enjoy studying language and I'm always on the look out for a full immerse Japanese language learning game. I think they need a smut SIM Japanese tutorial game. Where the teacher will put out if you get good enough. You know... learn the stuff you really want to know. "So. Are you single? Do you like the kinky stuff?" It's my personal opinion that adult learning games like that would do REALLY well on PC or on console even, but no one listens to me.

I have interest in studying various world religions, I never seem to find one I agree with totally and have, as such, developed some strange eclectic form of spirituality. Um... yeah. Funny how I talk about dirty video games then move right on to religion.

That is my basic summary, at any rate. I think that I tend to be a bit of an open book, probably not the best thing.